Yogi & Yogini Premium TPE Yoga Mat - green

Yoga mat made of premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) of very durable quality. Flexible and lightweight. Ultra-hygienic dense cell structure with excellent grip. Suitable for light to medium intensity yoga, such as Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Not suitable for intense forms of yoga, such as Power Yoga or Ashtanga. Can be used on both sides.

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Colour: green

Dimensions: 61x183x0.5 cm

Weight: 950 gr

Material: premium thermoplastic elastomer, 95% (TPE)


Can be used on both sides

Comfortable and safe exercise, shock absorbent

Water-repellent and heat insulating

Meets EN71-3 safety standards, ISO 9001 certified

REACH compliant, AZO-free dyes


Use and maintenance

Before using for the first time: roll out the mat and air dry for 2-3 days. Clean with a damp cloth with cold water and mild soap or yoga mat cleaner. Allow to dry flat. Store the mat dry and cool, preferably rolled up in a yoga mat bag. Do not expose to direct sunlight or too hot a place for long periods (f.i. a car parked in the sun).


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