Yoga Mat Cleaner

This organically certified yoga mat cleaner helps to care for and clean non-slip yoga mats. The combination of powerful organic ingredients such as rapeseed oil and essential oils with other natural substances optimally disinfects the mat. Bacteria, perspiration and other unpleasant odours have no chance. In addition, this cleaner removes all kinds of dirt. The spray dries quickly and does not stick, so that the mat can be rolled up shortly after spraying.

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Fragrance: Blood orange

Content: 510 ml


Pay attention

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with water and seek medical advice immediately. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the product label.

The power of organic

More than 95% of the active ingredients are from controlled organic farming, the remaining 5% are from purely natural sources.


Apply the cleaner to the mat, allow to work in briefly and wipe dry with a cloth. Optionally, you can attach a spray nozzle to the bottle, or fill a small spray bottle with the liquid. 

More about Yoga Cleaner

Yoga Cleaner has a heart for people and nature and supports the charity 'Vorarlberger Lebenshilfe', an Austrian organization for people with disabilities. For example, the labels are applied to the bottles by hand by people with disabilities who work with great joy and from love.


Water**, ethanol*, 1-5 % anionic surfactants** (decyl glucoside**, xylose**), organic surfactants**, blood orange oil*, bergamot oil*, lemon oil*, rosemary oil*, limonene*** (*Biologically certified, **Natural, ***Part of essential oil).


The bottle (apart from the bottle head) is petroleum free and made from sugar cane. The text on the label is German.