Vitamin C + D3 gummies

The right vitamins are of great importance, even more so in the time of a pandemic. Vitals has been a supplier of vitamins to Ayurveda Specialist for several years.

The right vitamins are of high quality and consist of the most absorbable forms available. Where possible the biologically active body forms. Ayurveda Specialist has chosen Vitals vitamins because they meet the highest quality requirements. Vitals focuses on high and safe dosages as used in many studies, and on combinations where the dosages of the individual ingredients are well matched. The capsules are of vegetable origin, possibly supplemented with natural additives from rice.

VITAMIN C + D3 - 60 Gummies

  • ideal dosage form for children, bear-shaped
  • delicious forest fruit flavour
  • no added sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • sweetened with fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) from chicory root
  • generous dose of vitamins C and D3 per gummy
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Not everyone finds it easy to take a dietary supplement. Vitals now has the ideal solution. A combined vitamin C and vitamin D3 supplement in the form of a delicious forest fruit flavored gummy. Without artificial sweeteners or added sugars! This bear-shaped product is ideally suited for children with their often demanding taste buds: they still get their daily dose of vitamin D and extra vitamin C to support the immune system. But also young people, adults or the elderly who have difficulty swallowing or simply prefer a tasty gummy can use this product.

Unique composition

Most of the products on the market in the form of gummies are high in sugars or artificial sweeteners. Vitamin C + D3 Gummies from Vitals, however, contains no artificial sweeteners and no added sugars, without any concessions to taste. The product is only sweetened with the natural dietary fiber FOS (fructooligosaccharides), which comes from the root of the chicory. This natural fiber has a small amount of naturally occurring sugars and a very pleasant sweet taste. Special about this vitamin C + D3 Gummies is that it is 100% vegan, which is also not common with similar products. The vitamin D3 in this product is not obtained from wool fat or fish liver, as is usually the case, but from algae. And no gelatin is used as an excipient in these gummies (gelatin always comes from an animal source).

Vitamin C + D3 Gummies contains a generous dose of vitamin C and vitamin D3. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for children. It is not without reason that the Health Council advises parents to give their children up to 4 years of age 10 mcg extra vitamin D daily. Older children and adults can also benefit from some extra vitamin D (in the superior form of D3). Vitamin C is another essential nutrient and a strong antioxidant


(Provisionally) permitted health claims:

Vitamin C

  • supports the immune system
  • supports the metabolism
  • helps with fatigue
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system
  • is beneficial for mental balance
  • to protect healthy cells and tissues
  • contributes to the normal functioning of the gums
  • is important for maintaining strong teeth
  • is important for a good condition of the blood vessels
  • for the maintenance of healthy skin, healthy cartilage and strong bones

Vitamin D

  • supports the immune system
  • for the maintenance of strong teeth 
  • contributes to the maintenance of strong bones
  • good for the muscles
  • helps maintain healthy cells and tissues

These are (provisionally) permitted health claims. Note: Due to European laws and regulations, not all applications of our products may be listed on our website. Information about the health effects of products should be separated from the promotion of products)

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Children from 3 years old take 1 gummy per day (chew or suck, do not swallow whole). Children from 11 years 2 gummies per day and adults 3 gummies per day, or as recommended. Stick to the recommended dosage.

This dietary supplement is not suitable for children under 1 year from 2 gummies per day (legally required statement for products with more than 15 mcg or less than / equal to 20 mcg of vitamin D per daily dose).

With 3 gummies, this dietary supplement is not suitable for children up to and including 10 years (legally required statement for products with more than 20 mcg of vitamin D per daily dose).

Note: use by children always under supervision of an adult.


Contact your specialist in advance before using herbs, supplements or oil on children, during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children. Do not refrigerate. Adhere to the generally recommended or by specialist prescribed daily dosage. A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


The information on this page is provided by Vitals.

Ayurveda Specialist distinguishes itself in the market with an extensive knowledge of ayurvedic food supplements that we would be happy to share with you. Unfortunately, due to requirements of current Dutch and European legislation and regulations, it is not permitted to inform you extensively about characteristics and use of herbal products on the website.

We are allowed to inform you about the composition and ingredients of our productsfor example with regard to allergens) and to give practical user advice (how and when to use the product and any other advice about safe use). Online you can find extensive ayurvedic knowledge.

For more information about the high quality of our food supplements read here.

For more information about legislation regarding health claims and medical claims on food supplements and the history behind it, we kindly refer to (Dutch language).

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