Tongue Cleaner luxe - Stainless Steel

  • removes waste products and bacteria from the tongue
  • cleanses the taste buds so that your taste will improve
  • removes the residue on your tongue that causes bad breath
  • improves digestion
  • improves the function of the taste buds
  • supports oral hygiene

Stainless steel tongue cleaner luxe, with sturdy handles. By using a tongue cleaner you remove deposits (toxic residues, called 'ama' in ayurveda) from your tongue. If you do not remove these residues on the tongue they will enter your digestive system and your digestion will deteriorate. By cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper bad breath will no longer stand a chance.

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Instructions for use

Stick your tongue out of your mouth and place the tongue cleaner at the back of your tongue. Slowly pull the tongue cleaner forward, rinse the tongue cleaner with water and repeat this about three to five times. Rinse your mouth with water and clean the tongue cleaner.

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