Tigernut Paste Bio

Tiger nut paste - a sweet spread with no added sugar

A real speciality, our Tiger Nut Paste. In combination with sunflower oil, a perfectly creamy paste is created that tastes sweet and delicious. Our Tiger nuts do not need any added sugar at all! Naturally sweet and full of fibre, they can be used for example as a spread, as a topping on muesli or porrige, or in pastry.

More about tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are also known as chufa nuts. Botanically speaking, tiger nuts have nothing to do with nuts: they belong to the family of Cypriot grasses, they grow under the ground as tubers. The ancient Egyptians loved their slightly sweet, vanilla flavour, and although Tiger nuts are not nuts, their aroma and consistency is reminiscent of almonds and hazelnuts.

More about the production

The tiger nuts come from a cultivation project in Niger and help many people there with a steady wage, with water supply and with solar energy. By buying the tiger nut products you are not only supporting the 100 employees who take care of the production, but also all the settlements around the farm. Only the tiger nuts are sold, everything else that grows on the fields is distributed among the villagers by the workers. For example, a bag of millet is enough to feed 10 people for 20 days. In 2018, 120 tonnes of millet found its way to the families around the farm. In total, about 5,000 people benefit in this way.

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Allergens: may contain traces of nuts and sesame

Content: 250 g

Taste: sweet and nutty

Organic: DE-ÖKO-001

Ingredients: 67% ground tiger nuts*, sunflower oil* (*from controlled organic cultivation)

Nutritional values per 100 g: energy value 2468 kJ / 590 kcal, fat 48.9 g (of which saturated fatty acids 5.1 g), carbohydrates 32.9 g (of which sugar 14.7 g), fibre 10.5 g, protein 3.0 g, salt <0.01 g, (refers to naturally occurring sodium)

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Content 250 g
Eigenschappen Vegan, Biological, Gluten free, Lactose-free