It's hay fever season..

It's hay fever season..


What is hay fever?

Hay fever also known as Allergic rhinitis, is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Allergens can be pollen grains from a variety of plants. This problem is found typically in the spring season. It can also complicate into asthma, allergic conjunctivitis or atopic dermatitis. It is a condition involving the basic immune system of the body. Inherited genetics and environmental exposure to pollen, pet hair, dust or mold contribute to the development of allergies. These allergens causes release of inflammatory chemicals such as histamine from the mast cells. Medications used to deal with this condition are generally anti histamines and steroids.

Ayurveda about hay fever

Ayurveda explains this condition with the involvement of Kapha and Pitta dosha. The inflammatory reaction is more related to Pitta along with the immune system imbalance. Slime on other hand is always related to Kapha. So balancing these two energies along with improving Ojas (immune system) is the treatment method according to this science.

Since it is a seasonal disease, Ayurveda looks into strengthening immunity so that it do not reoccur in the next season. Generally the treatment is always symptom based. But in Ayurveda, we give more importance to clearing any chance of immunity imbalance.

Ayurvedic treatments

Exposure to pets and natural elements from childhood helps to strengthen basic immune system.

Some herbs help in reestablishing the balance in the immune system and some help in controlling the inflammatory condition of the nose. For more information please send an e-mail to or book a consultation with one of our specialists

Nasya (nasal oil therapy) is one of the best treatments to cleanse the upper respiratory system and the sinuses. This is also best advised in spring season.

Dietary regimens controlling Kapha energy is the best to control hay fever. This controls slime in the system and reduces chances for rhinitis. Using less banana, eggs, yoghurt and red meat is advisable. Ginger and curcuma are daily usable herbs in the food or tea. It helps to improve conditions of hyper reactivity of immune system.






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