Rose Water

For all skin types and for daily facial care


Refreshing rose water from real Damascena rose petals, to be used as a tonic for daily face care. For a pleasantly fragrant and fresh skin feeling.

More about Cosmoveda Ayurveda Natural cosmetics

Our Ayurveda Natural Cosmetics consist exclusively of high quality raw materials, mostly organic. The secret of our ayurvedic cosmetics is in the Taila herbal oils. Tailas are ayurvedic herbal oils, which are made according to ancient recipes in an Ayurvedic procedure. Selected herbs and spices, with this elaborate oil extraction, transfer their special ingredients and subtle energies to high-quality sesame oil. Together with selected oils such as wild rose oil, evening primrose oil or macadamia oil, our Ayurveda cosmetics compensate for disturbances in the bioenergetic balance and give a natural, healthy radiance. Mango, shea and cocoa butter strengthen the supple nourishing effect on the skin.

Organic plant waters from cornflower, hamamelis and chamomile have been known and appreciated for centuries in skin care. They strengthen our ayurveda facial care as an additional tonic and provide a plus of moisture. Our Ayurveda body care refreshes you with the natural, moisturizing power of Aloe Vera and pampering you with the Dosha-balancing massage oil. For the Ayurveda hair care typical head massage is our Amla hair oil. The subsequent cleaning is easy with the ayurvedic natural shampoos.

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Refreshing rose water for all skin types and for daily facial care.

Store in a cool place.

Content: 100 ml.

Contains: Rose water*, Water ingredients (* from controlled organic cultivation).

Ingredients (INCI): ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER*, AQUA, GERANIOL, CITRONELLOL (* from controlled organic cultivation).


Manufacturer COSMOVEDA, origin Germany

Quality promise:

We use: • Natural essential oils traditionally obtained by steam distillation • Valuable herbal, cold-pressed oils and fats from controlled organic cultivation • High-quality natural plant extracts, which are obtained by aqueous extract, oil extract, alcohol extract, distillate or Vedic-Spagyric ash • Vegetable raw materials from preferably controlled organic cultivation • Emulsifiers of vegetable origin • Antibacterial plants and essential oils which prevent microbiological spoilage • Beeswax, honey and propolis in organic quality as high-quality raw materials of animal origin • Natural plant extracts that give our products a beautiful natural color

What we do not add to our cosmetics: • No synthetic dyes • No synthetic aromas • No mineral oils and fats • No isolated active substances • No PEG's and animal emulsifiers

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Content 100 ml
Eigenschappen Vegetarian