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lilian nouwen

Alojz Peterle

Former Member of the European Parliament, Former Prime Minister of Slovenia

' Ayurvedic cleansing with authentic traditional Panchakarma has been my best experience with Ayurveda so far and my decision of the year. The results exceeded all my expectations. It was not just about eliminating heavy metals and other toxins, I felt it as a reset of my whole being. I didn’t become only more relaxed, but more joyful and lively. People who saw me after the treatment said that I looked younger. And I feel so too. I’m not only grateful to Lita Dash for her professional leadership, but also for the wisdom of life she kindly shared with us. This outstanding Panchakarma week organised by Ayurveda Specialist was not just a “treatment”, it was a social gathering with strong human added value. '

June 2021.