Padma Sadhana

DVD, time introduction: 21:50; exercise: 43:23


Audio: English

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Padmasadhana is a beautiful sequence of asanas. Padma means Lotus and Sadhana is our effort. In the Agama tradition, it is said that the Devi sits on a 5 layered seat of asana. The base of this seat is a tortoise, which represents stability. The second layer is the snake, which represents awareness. Above the snake sits the lion, it symbolizes grace. Above the lion sits the Siddha, the Perfect Sage. And above the Perfect Sage sits the Lotus, the symbol of full blossoming. When our asanas have all these 5 qualities - Stability, Awareness, Grace, Perfection and full blossoming, then the divinity dawns in us and that is Padmasadhana. Doing Padmasadhana before Sudarshan Kriya, deepens the experience of meditation. It helps in centering the mind and consciousness. Padmasadhana can be done once in the morning and once in the evening. ’