360⁰ approach



A holistic and complete approach of the science of life

Ayurveda Specialist believes that health is not only determined by physical factors. Health is more than the absence of disease. If we don’t learn how to handle stress and negativity, the seeds of diseases will always remain in us. When there is balance between body and mind, feeling and intellect, intention, and action and man and his environment, these seeds will disappear.

Through the connection between ayurveda, breathing techniques, yoga and meditation a unique blend is created that realizes the philosophy of unity, which is yoga.


A mind in the present moment – alert, without excitement, hesitation or anticipation – is meditation. In meditation, the body is in a state of deep rest and the mind being redirected towards its source. The first step is relaxation, the last step is also relaxation. Meditation does not mean going somewhere else: it is going deep inside. Meditation courses teach the technique of effortless meditation. 


When our mind is full of impressions and thoughts, this weakens our immune system and prepares our body for diseases. When the mind is clear and calm, immunity increases and protects the body from illness. Breath is the link between body and mind. It is also the key to handling our emotions and thoughts. The right practice of breathing techniques and meditation calms and frees the mind from stress and helps us to handle negative emotions and challenging situations. 


Ayurveda Specialist, through their purchasing policy, supports humanitarian and sustainable projects worldwide to support people in need, alleviate poverty en promote care for the environment and sustainability.


The purpose of life is not just to live life, but to celebrate it. True celebration is more than a party. A celebration of body, mind and soul connects people and frees them from traumas of the past, is sacred. Celebration then becomes a gift to society. Spirituality is a harmonious blend between outer silence and inner celebration, but also of inner silence and outer celebration!


Ayurveda helps to bring body and mind back to health by balancing the pitta, vata and kapha doshas.


What we eat does not only have a great impact on our physical health, but also on our emotions and thoughts. Therefore, food is one of the pillars of ayurveda. It is divided in the three categories of satva, rajas en tamas. Tamasic food makes us lethargic and heavy, while rajasic food causes activity or restlessness. Sattvic food, on the other hand, makes us feel light, energetic and enthusiast. Another factor when determining whether food is healthy for a person or not, is the individual constitution and imbalance in the doshas; what is good for one person may not be good for someone else. Thus, there are many guidelines about food that require profound knowledge of ayurveda and a person’s individual constitution. The specialists of Ayurveda Specialist have the right knowledge to turn food into a natural healer.


The knowledge of ayurveda goes back thousands of years when it was written down in the Vedas. These ancient scriptures contained a vast knowledge on all aspects of life, from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos.