Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp - sphere

Zoutkristallampen geven een speciale sfeer aan de woonomgeving. De subtiele vibratie van de zoutkristallen creërt een prettige atmosfeer en het diffuse licht geeft een harmonische verstilling.

  • geeft een positieve energie en sfeer, thuis en op het werk
  • natuurlijke luchtzuiveraar en ontvochtiger
  • bevordert de slaap, de ontspanning en het loslaten van stress
  • een ideaal nachtlampje voor kinderen
  • uniek als geschenk 

Getalenteerde handwerklieden selecteren, bewerken en modelleren zorgvuldig de unieke zoutkristallen die gebruikt worden voor de Himalayan Salt Lamps. De zoutlamp kan simpel met de bijgeleverde USB kabel op de computer worden aangesloten. De lampen kunnen van buiten hel-oranje tot wit zijn, maar het led-lampje binnenin is oranje waardoor het licht oranje doorschijnt.

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A Himalayan salt lamp with 6 very economical LED bulbs that last up to 20,000 hours. The lamp radiates with warm changing colours.  


Salt lamp, hand shaped model

Rubber wood round base

Fixed cord with USB connection to e.g.: TV, DVD player, computer, laptop

Length of cord: 130 cm

Number of LED lights: 6 (lights can't be replaced)

Weight: 450 gr

Dimensions: 9 cm

More about salt lamps (info from the supplier)

When the salt lamp is in use, the heat from the bulb causes ions to be spread which are negatively charged and can provide cleaner air. How does such a lamp actually do that? It works like this: the air around us consists of many particles, including positively charged particles (such as dust particles) that we can hardly see with the naked eye. Air pollutants are very common in our environment and their ions are positively charged. A salt lamp is there to neutralise these positive ions by emitting negative ions. When that happens, the neutralised particles become heavy and they eventually fall down, which means they are no longer floating in the air. 

Electrical appliances in the home create the so-called electro-smog that can negatively affect both our concentration and our breathing. Ironically, many air ionisers are meant to purify the air, but they themselves produce their own pollution. With a salt lamp, electro-smog is significantly reduced; these salt lamps also reduce electro-smog from other devices such as computers in the home or office. Salt lamps are therefore not only a decorative asset for the home or at work.