Masala spice box

With this traditional Indian Masala spice box you add something unique to your kitchen!

For centuries, the Indian cook has kept his or her spices in a Masala box, traditionally with 7 spice jars for storing all the favorite spices from the authentic Indian kitchen in one handy box with a lid. Seven separate bowls in a large bowl, so you can store all your favorite herbs together, yet separately. The stainless steel outer lid protects the spices against influences of light and moisture. Introduce your family and friends to the real world of Indian flavours. Also great a a gift!

For the ayurvedic cuisine and a balanced diet.

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Stainless steel storage box (masala box)

Size: Ø 18,5 cm

Contents: 1 large box with lid containing 7 stainless steel trays


Fair trade from own projects

Manufacturer COSMOVEDA, origin India