Incense Holder / Box Mandala

Brown wooden incense box with mandalas

Green Tree's deluxe varieties of incense boxes are not only stylish home accessories, they are also very practical. You can open and close the box, and there are two holes in the walls to neatly place the incense stick. There is room to burn one or two sticks at the same time. The ashes are neatly collected and the box is also equipped with a storage space for your incense.

Mandala in Sanskrit means as much as 'circle' and has a deep spiritual meaning. Although of Hindu origin, it is widely used in Tibetan art and Buddhism. A mandala denotes a geometric pattern that metaphysically or symbolically portrays the cosmos. Mandalas are often used for meditation.

This beautiful wooden incense box with mandala images is fun to give and to receive.

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Length: 30 cm

Brand: Green Tree