Aroma Fragrance Oil French Lavender - 10 ml

Goloka Aroma Fragrance Oil French Lavender

The scent of a walk through the French landscapes. Lavender is fresh and sweet and is known for its calming and soothing effects on body and soul. Research has shown positive results achieved through the use of lavender to remove a tense feeling and fall asleep. Lavender is a natural fragrance that is often used in oils during massage or in scented candles and gives a welcoming aura.


Goloka Aroma fragrance oils are powerful oils that release a pleasant scent when heated. They create a wonderful warm and inviting atmosphere. When you link an emotion or smell to an event, this memory is immortalized in your memory. The more you stimulate the senses, the more intimate the experience becomes.

These Goloka Aroma Fragrance Oils are manufactured in Bangalore India and are ideal for oil burners and aroma diffusers, but they can also be used for all other home fragrance use. A few drops of Aroma Fragrance Oil can be added to your potpourri to refresh and release the fragrance.

Packed in a amber glass bottle wrapped in a beautifully designed cardboard box, making it a great gift idea.

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Content: 10 ml.

Packaging: glass bottle in cardboard box.

Not tested on animals.

Pay attention: Goloka Aroma fragrance oils are not perfume oils and should therefore not be applied to the skin.

How to use: it's recommended to add water to the burner before adding 2 to 5 drops of the fragrance oil. Once the tealight is lit and placed underneath the liquid will begin to warm and the fragrance will start to rise.

Made by Goloka, one of our favorite ethical incense makers. GOLOKA SEVA TRUST is a non-profit organization located in Bangalore, India, who donate a large amount of their proceeds towards charitable activities like midday meals for under privileged children, education and vocational training for widows and aiding poor students with scholarships.