Food: the natural healer

Ayurvedic cooking is an easy and tasty way of cooking, in which the life force of the food is preserved. Through the food, you can experience the natural lightness and peace of your body and mind. Your meals have preserved their natural nutritional value and taste. It’s not complicated and you can easily practice it in your own kitchen and daily routine.

The Ayurvedic cooking course is based on the principles of the ancient knowledge of ayurveda, combined with available sources of our modern world. The starting principle is having the right food at the right time, based on one’s individual body style or dosha imbalance. Ayurveda does not advise to follow rigid diets or to skip meals. Instead, it encourages to have healthy, nutritious meals at the proper times that will, according to the need, make you lose or gain weight.


ayurvedic cooking




ayurvedic cooking

You are what you eat

The characteristics of body and mind are inseparably connected to the food we eat. Ayurveda divides food into three categories: sattva, rajas and tamas. Sattva means clarity, harmony and balance that comes from products like fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. Rajas means activity and restlessness that comes from spicy and heavy food. Tamas means inertia and heaviness that comes from food like meat, old food, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. The course makes you aware of how food affects your thoughts and mood. The central thread in the course is how to preserve sattva.

Food according to your constitution

Ayurveda offers personalized food guidelines for individual healing processes and constitutions. In this course you will learn more about how to recognize your own constitution and which particular food will suit you best. In case of an imbalance in the dosha(s), however, it may be advisable to choose your food accordingly to balance this particular dosha. Therefore, we always recommend to visit an ayurveda specialist in pulse diagnosis, who can give you the correct information about your constitution and possible dosha imbalance(s).


Food that makes you happy!

Healthy food should also be very tasty! It’s important that the food you have is appealing to all your senses. After doing this course, you will not only enjoy the cooking, but also experience that you and your family are being nourished with health, enthusiasm, energy and inner peace.

Info: at present there are no course dates available. 


ayurvedic cooking