How are Eco Dinnerware products made?

Fallen leaves from Palm trees are collected, sorted, bundled and brought to the factory. They go through pressure cleaning, hot pressing, hand cleaning, blow drying for removing dust, sterilized by passing through UV machine and then packed.

Does the dinnerware cause any harm to the environment when disposed?

Eco dinnerware products are environment friendly. It naturally biodegrades in 6 to 8 weeks. The left-over leaves after production is either buried in the soil or disposed with regular garbage and food waste. It can also be shredded and supplied as healthy fodder for livestock. No chemicals are used during production of plates.

How sturdy are the products?

Eco Dinnerware are made from Palm leaves and it is one of most sturdiest raw materials out there. With the right exposure to heat during pressing we make sure, it is neither too hard nor too soft for usage.

Is it safe to put the dinnerware in microwave, oven, fridge or freezer?

Yes. Please make sure you keep a safe distance of 6-8 inches (15-21 cm) from a heat source if kept in an oven (do not place on a pizza stone or at the bottom of the oven).

Are the products non-toxic?

Yes they are completely non-toxic. We use naturally fallen leaves, clean water and UV exposure to completely sterilize.

Can the products be available internationally?

Yes for bulk order only. You can place the order online or get in touch with us to confirm the order. Click on contact us to know more.

Do I need to wash before use?

No. They have gone through high pressure cleaning, blow drying to remove dust, hand cleaning and passing through UV machine to completely sterilize. So it is ready to use.

Do the products hold liquids?

Yes they can. It does not get soggy like the other disposable dinnerwares might create.

Are the products for single use or are they disposable?

We recommend for single use. Since we don’t use any other adhesives or chemicals, we do not recommend reusing. However, most of our customers and friends share that they reuse them after a gentle wash and still the product remains intact.


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