Chi-Café Balance

Chi-Café Balance - stomach-friendly coffee enjoyment

  • stimulates without irritating the body
  • harmonious, alkaline and mild
  • with caffeine from coffee and guarana.
  • with alkaline magnesium and calcium to maintain strong bones (normal coffee leads to a loss of minerals)*
  • with acacia dietary fibre (10 g per 3 cups).
  • with polyphenols from ginseng, green coffee, cocoa and pomegranate

Chi-Cafe Balance is the healthier alternative to coffee. Soluble dietary fibre from acacia fibre, instant coffee, the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium, together with  polyphenols from ginseng, pomegranate, guarana, reishi mushroom, green coffee and cocoa form a special composition that awakens your vitality.

Ordinary coffee can interfere with the supply of minerals but Chi-Café Balance supplies them. Three cups of Chi-Café Balance per day provide about 30% of the daily requirement of calcium and about 40% of the daily requirement of magnesium.

The taste of Chi-Café Balance is harmoniously mild. Chi-Café Balance is nice and creamy and is rounded off with a subtle hint of cocoa.

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* (contains (provisionally) permitted health claims. Note: Due to European laws and regulations, not all applications of our products may be listed on our website. Information about the health effects of products should be separated from the promotion of products.


Instant powder drink with coffee, fibers, minerals and plant extracts: harmonious, alcaline and mild. With about 75 mg of natural caffeine per cup. Shake before first use. Filling rate of the package is technically determined.

Preparation: for one cup of Chi-Café Balance, put 5 g of powder (about 2 teaspoons) into a cup and pour over with about 100 ml of hot water. Add 30 ml milk or soy drink with calcium. Sweeten if desired. To get the full flavour, froth the liquid with a milk frother. Chi-Cafe Balance can also be dissolved cold for a café frappé or iced coffee.

Recommendation: enjoy three cups of Chi-Cafe Balance per day and maintain a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Content: 180 g powder drink with coffee, fibers, minerals and plant extracts (36 cups)

Ingredients: Acacia gum (55%, soluble fiber), instant coffee (26%), natural flavour (with guarana extract, reishi extract, ginseng extract), magnesium citrate, green coffee extract (2%), cocoa powder, calcium lactate, pomegranate juice extract (1%). Without gluten, lactose and genetic modification. Vegan.

Manufactured in Germany.

Average nutritional values per 100 g: Energy value 629 kJ/150 kcal, Fat 0.1 g (of which saturated fatty acids <0.1 g), Carbohydrates 3.3 g (of which sugars 2.5 g), Dietary fibre 60 g, Protein 3.2 g, Salt 0.25 g, Magnesium 750 mg (200%**), Calcium 840 mg (105%**)

Average nutritional value per cup (1 cup is 5 g powder + 100 ml water + 30 ml soy drink with calcium): Energetic value 80 kJ/19 kcal (<1 %*), Fat 0.5 g (<1 %*) (of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 g (<1 %*)), Carbohydrates 0.9 g (< 1 %*) (of which sugars 0.9 g (1 %*)), Dietary fibre 3.2 g, Protein 1.1 g (2.1 %*), Salt 0.04 g (<1 %*), Magnesium 48.9 mg (13%**), Calcium 78 mg (9.8%**)

(* Reference percentage for an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal), ** Reference percentage for daily intake).


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Content 180 g
Eigenschappen Vegan, Gluten free, Lactose-free