Tongue cleaning

Tongue cleaning


Why use a tongue cleaner?

By scraping the tongue your digestion will improve. You also have less chance of tooth disorders and your breath will become fresh and clean. A tongue cleaner:

  • removes waste products and bacteria from the tongue
  • cleanses the taste buds so that your taste will improve
  • removes the residue on your tongue that causes bad breath
  • improves digestion
  • improves the function of the taste buds
  • supports oral hygiene

By using a tongue cleaner you remove deposits (toxic residues, called 'ama' in ayurveda) from your tongue. If you do not remove these residues on the tongue they will enter your digestive system and your digestion will deteriorate. The tongue scraper is an important part of Panchakarma: ayurveda's total cleansing treatment of the body. By cleaning the tongue you will remove bacteria responsible for plaque so tooth decay, cavities and gum disease will be prevented. Bacteria on your tongue which you cannot remove with a toothbrush may also cause bad breath. By cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper bad breath will no longer stand a chance. The taste of your food will improve because your taste buds will function optimally. 


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Why use a tongue cleaner made of copper?

A golden tongue cleaner is the best choice because gold easily removes the ama. However, gold is expensive. A good and affordable alternative is copper. Copper has a particularly good effect on the tongue.

Ayurvedic oral hygiene 

Before brushing the teeth, rinse the mouth with a little water and spit it out. If you suffer from bad breath, then use a tablespoon of sesame oil and rinse this oil for 2 minutes through your mouth. Spit out the oil and drink a little water. Then brush your teeth and then use the tongue cleaner.

How to use a tongue cleaner?

  • stick your tongue out of the mouth
  • place the tongue cleaner at the back of your tongue
  • slowly pull the tongue cleaner forward
  • rinse the tongue cleaner with water
  • repeat this about three to five times
  • rinse your mouth with water
  • clean the tongue cleaner 

Use the tongue cleaner once a day after toothbrushing in the morning. Using a tongue cleaner for the first time can feel a little weird, but you get used to it quickly.



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