The ayurvedic outlook on coffee

The ayurvedic outlook on coffee


For all doshas, Ayurveda recommends to avoid coffee 


Because this is not so easy for most people, here are some of the most important reasons.

  • The energy that coffee seems to give is not real energy but the result of a strong stimulus to the nervous system: the heartbeat and blood pressure rise and you start breathing faster. Shortly after that, the dip and the need for another artificial stimulus follows - the addictive effect makes its appearance.
  • A sudden boost of energy is always confusing for the body and has an effect on the metabolism.
  • Coffee contains many acids and causes acidity in the body. Acid irritates the intestinal mucosa, which produces an excess of mucus. This mucus in turn produces gas, making products such as milk, cheese and wheat more difficult to digest.
  • Coffee causes neuronal activity in the brain. With every cup of coffee, neurons send messages to your pituitary gland, warning the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and cortisol. In other words, you get into combat or flight mode. If you drink coffee all day long, you are constantly in this mode without noticing it. This is not only stressful for your nervous system but also for your immune system.



Help! I'm addicted to coffee.. what to do?

If you can't leave the coffee completely, add cardamom seeds. This reduces the acidity and the effect of caffeine on the nervous system. It also prevents the formation of mucus from milk products. But beware: too much cardamom has a disruptive effect on the pitta dosha. So it's still wise to leave it at a cup anyway...





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